What is the Global Sickle Cell Disease Network?

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Dr. Isaac Odame, Medical Director of the Global Sickle Cell Disease Network (GSCDN) speaks about sickle cell disease, the goal of the network and how through collaboration great things can happen.
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The Global Sickle Cell Disease Network (GSCDN) is bringing together leading sickle cell disease researchers and clinicians from high, middle and low income countries to form a network. The GSCDN is a wonderful example of researchers and clinicians from around the world working together to bring about real change that will not only have a positive impact on children born with SCD, but on whole communities and regions. Learn more about the GSCDN.

Save the Date - 2014 GSCDN Conference - Rio de Janeiro

 2014 Global Save the Date - Sickle Cell Disease Network Conference - Rio de Janeiro 

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About our online community

We have created an online community for GSCDN members that allows colleagues to use online tools to accelerate their collaboration. This online community is a password protected space that offers such features as:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the GSCDN online community follow the below link and apply for a free membership.

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Participate in GSCDN

Participate in GSCDN

Are you interested in connecting with colleagues in the field of sickle cell disease from around the world in order to learn, share information and collaborate? It's easy to get involved: just click the 'get involved' button below, complete the submission form and we will follow up with you.

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  • Our Leaders

    Who are the leaders of the GSCDN? They are members of the network's International Advisory Council and our working group chairs.

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    SCD Treatment Centres Map

    The Sickle Cell Disease Treatment Centres Map provides information (location, services, etc.) about sickle cell disease treatment centres worldwide. Go to Map

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